It feels like a while ago since we last heard from Turnpike Glow. The quartet released their debut EP last year, and back then, it was clear they were a band full of potential. Things went quiet for a while after that, but they're back, and their new EP, Fünke Pop is sounding tremendous.

We got the chance to ask the band some questions, so we had Gareth O'Malley handle those. The band's lead singer/bassist Giuseppe La Mela fielded them, and we got insight into what's coming next for the band, as well as the difference between their adopted home of London and their actual home of Rome, what they like about The Flaming Lips, and of course, their thoughts on the newest season of Arrested Development...

What did the band learn from writing Inflatable Optimism last year?

Do your homework! We did some pre-production for Inflatable Optimism, but with hindsight we could have done more. This time, Sandro [Schiena, vocals/guitar/keys] and myself spent more time planning the recording of Fünke Pop, and that saved us a lot of trouble during the recording sessions.

Which of the songs on the new EP is most representative of the Turnpike Glow sound, in your opinion?

'Heels in Madrid' is probably the track that better reflects the direction we are heading towards. We have been focusing even more on synth sounds lately by trying to blend in exciting rhythmic sections and multi-layered atmospheres. Guitars are still there but their presence is more subtle.

What's it been like adjusting to life in London? How does it compare to the early days of the band in Rome?

This city is pure madness. People drive on the left, eat fish and chips and swear a lot. Back in Italy, we used to drive on the right, eat pizza and swear a lot.

You recently played the Finsbury to launch the 'Fünke Pop' EP - what was that like for you?

It was a great gig! The place was packed, and people seemed to react very well to our new songs. That's what makes us happy. Well, that and strawberry cheesecakes.

How does a Turnpike Glow live show compare to your recorded output?

I guess, generally speaking, a live performance is always more energetic than the recording. The live show is the reason why you write a song, and I think that's when the song really comes to life. Sandro's hair also plays a pivotal role in fully understanding our lyrics.

You released a video for 'Her Flaming Lips' full of references to the Flaming Lips themselves - what's your favourite thing about that band?

They don't seem to ever think, "mmm, no, maybe this is too much, we probably can't do this..." and that makes their music and their performances unique. We saw them live and it really was an epic experience. The kind that leaves you feeling like the world is not such a bad place after all.

What's next for Turnpike Glow now that the EP's been released? Have you even started thinking about your eventual debut album?

Yes, our next step should be a full length. We have a few new songs we're working on at the moment and we couldn't be more excited! This is the most exciting part of being in a band, when you get to experiment and play around with sounds and structures before having to organise the chaos you created into an actual song.

Finally, have you seen the new season of Arrested Development? If so, what did you think?

The first few episodes left me slightly disappointed. I guess the fact that each episode is focused on a single character and the resulting lack of interaction with the rest of the characters takes its toll on the show. It totally gets back to its former glory towards the second half of the season and all the way to the end, though, becoming super hilarious again.

The Fünke Pop EP is out now, and can be streamed above.