We know things have been a bit sketchy in terms of lengths/recording quality etc, but we think we've finally arrived at a nice little format for you to digest every Thursday at 7pm. All future shows will be around 60-90 minute mark, and will be full of music/chat/fun. Our schedule will run on a two week basis, with Tim Boddy (Photo Editor) posting hosting proceedings one week, and Hector Barley (New Music Editor) the other week. Both will have help from James Canham (mix of styles), Dan Cook (What's Cooking?), Will Slater (folk show), Wil Cook (mix of styles), Patrick Mills (mix of styles), Steve Boniface (Labelled Independent), 'Track Of The Week' robot and a few more.

This week we have some music from Hot Chip, Psychologist, Active Child, Air France, Neon Indian, Princeton, LightGuides, Oni Ayhun, Jensen Sportag, Beirut and a load more. We also have a film section from Danny Wadeson, the 'Track Of The Week' robot, Labelled Independent and a session from Big Deal.

So please have a listen, and let us know what you think. You can find last week's show here.