On May 9th we're teaming up with Barely Regal to put on a showcase at Old Blue Last, featuring Theo, Samoans, Kutosis and Olympians. Great, right? Well to keep the momentum going we present you with a rather special interview between Kutosis and Olympians.

The first part, which you can see below, sees Kutosis ask Olympians hard hitting questions like "What's your favourite sandwich?," which we're totally stealing for future interviews. Head back to the site on Friday for part two of this interview; we're secretly hoping that Olympians have asked Kutosis about their favourite crisp flavour.

You can find out more about the event by heading here.

If you could choose to be one Olympian who would you be and why?

  • Ben: Linford Crispie. Because I like crisps. Or Steve Breadgrave. Pork Belly Holmes?
  • Ed: Mike Falafel, Philip Tartare and Henrique D'la Shallot.
  • Dan: Uhhh...Sebastian Roe?
  • Chris: Jesse Owens, but just his legs. The rest would be Zeus.

What’s the idea behind your book club release and how can people get hold of it?

  • Chris: Sticking our CDs in books. Pick up a book.
  • Ben: The idea was just to make something that people would describe as 'joining' rather than 'buying'. We hate Capitalism, but love friendship and togetherness.
  • Dan: You can join the book club at http://olympians.bandcamp.com, or at a rock concert we are playing, where you can see one of the hollowed out books In Real Life. The idea is to get to not only release stuff we’ve done, but other stuff like remixes and covers people have done with our stuff, introducing you to exciting new music people and things like a book club should. Also, it’s so our music dominates your CD shelf by being 100 times bigger than every other piece of packaging.
  • Ed: Praying or setting up a neolithic stone circle. Failing that, the internet.

You toured with Tubelord earlier in the year how was it?

  • Chris: A total pungasm.
  • Ben: Yeah, it was pretty good. They were a bit quiet at first, but we taught them how to tour after a while. They got more into it once we'd showed them the ropes.
  • Ed: They showed us Southend, we showed them 4 of the greatest films ever made.
  • Dan: Hastings was nice.

Is there anything/one in particular we should be warned about before sharing close quarters with you on our tour in May?

  • Chris: Joseph Kony. We can't possibly sit together for a week unless you help us Facebook this ignorance to death.
  • Ben: Edward is a psychotic mass murderer who has an irrational hatred of the Welsh.
  • Ed: Being partly Welsh this presents me with a slight conundrum but luckily I have tempered the urge to harm myself with a daily regime of Ukrainian calisthenics.
  • Dan: My bum smells and I spill things a lot.

The first night of our tour is in your hometown of Norwich. What can we expect?

  • Ben: Dan:cing in the streets, processions, a ticker-tape parade, fireworks, being held aloft by minimally clad virgins, &c &c.
  • Ed: Fighting in the streets, a riot, taped off condemned buildings, tazers & rubber bullets, being held down by armed police.
  • Dan: Mustard, Delia Smith, a Puppet Man, Alan Partridge statues made of gold.
  • Chris: A nice drive through farm land then an awesome music loving city. Lots of pints (yeah?).

If you were trapped in a burning building and the rescuers could only save one person, who in the band would be the one to be saved?

  • Chris: Ben. He would burn up like dry tinder.
  • Ben: Actually we all slot together into one larger Transformer style person, so in that situation we would all be saved. Also we would not need the help of puny human 'rescuers'.
  • Ed: I think you've asked the wrong question here. It should be "what is the name of the transformer you create when connected together?"
  • Dan: Which would of course be “Olympizord”.

Winter Olympics or Summer Olympics? And why?

  • Ben: Don't they have a Spring Olympics yet? I love spring.
  • Ed: Summer for the chicks.
  • Dan: Snowboarding is horrendous, so definitely summer.
  • Chris: Winter as the next one in Russia is likely to be pretty Bond film judging from their anti-terror measures.

We intended a lot of these questions to be taken from book titles. However, there appears to be a distinct lack of books with questions as titles. Why do you think this is?

Ben: You could have rephrased books into questions maybe...

  • 1) So we're about to head off on tour. I'm particularly looking forward to Brighton Rock, any highlights or Great Expectations for you?
  • 2) Where are you happiest - On The Road or in A Room Of One's Own?
  • 3) We'll be bringing our Tom Jones and Soft Machine CDs, what will you have for the van?
  • 4) How would you describe your music, on a scale of Birdsong to To Kill A Mockingbird?
  • 5) Incredibly Loud or Extremely Close?
  • 6) Ulysses or Ulysisn't?
  • 7) Was it King Solomon's, or was it Mine?
  • 8) How Many Catches?
  • 9) If Candide, why didn't you?

  • Ed:
  • 10) Any plans in the near future to avoid a Decline and Fall?
  • 11) Do Androids really dream of electric sheep?
  • 12) Has the van ever broken down? If so maybe you have some tips, perhaps a Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy?
  • 13) THE BIBLE?
  • 14) If you saw a famous ex-Prime Minister stealing from the shortcrust pastry cupboard would you shout "OI, it's Thatcher in the Pie"?

  • Chris: You don't read enough self-help books.
  • Dan: Just as well, otherwise we'd be writing you reams about our complex emotional relationships with fatty foods right now.

What else have we got to look forward to from Olympians this year?

  • Chris: A week in the Banterdome with you guys!
  • Ben: Three more singles! And consequently more shows!
  • Dan: Lots more horrible synthesizer on everything, because I just bought one, and all going to plan, some shows with a super-extended Olympians mega-band. It will have 20 synth players and we’re just going to sit and watch them.
  • Ed: More puns on twitter

What is your favourite sandwich?

  • Ben: New York Deli - Pastrami, mustard and gherkins, the middle class burger.
  • Ed: Ploughmans.
  • Dan: Had an excellent ham and pickle recently, that's a pretty strong choice. If you twisted my arm for a vegetarian option I would choose falafel with red onion and hummus.
  • Chris: Cheese and banana toasty eaten sometime in early 1992 on a Sunday afternoon.