You can't possibly imagine the sheer volume of stuff we get sent every day, never mind every month. It's a mind-boggling amount, so that's why we have people working behind to scenes to separate the wheat from the chaff. Some tracks end up as news posts on the site, and others make it into New Music Friday or a similar feature, but even then, we're still left with a lot of material... which is why we're doing this.

In the first of what's going to become a monthly series, we're kicking off May with the best of what survived the brutal environment that is the collective 405 inbox in April. We've counted 32 tracks that have made it through a rather hellish selective procedure, and we're rolling all of them out for you in a handy playlist format. There are any number different genres featured in this month's collection, so even those of you who are desperate to find some new music should find something to suit you. A smorgasboard of fresh sounds awaits, so grab your plate and dig in.

To submit your music to us, head here.