Okay, so maybe this summer is turning out to be the quintessentially British one we always knew it would be. But summer wasn't always about floods and thunder, right? Don't you remember the days when the last school bell would ring and you were completely free from responsibilities for the next six weeks? That one particular gig you went to that made a band your favourite band, or the sun shining down upon you as you as you made a move on the crush you've had for a long, long time?

We've been asking bands & artists all over the world to share with us their favourite summer memories and to talk about the music that shaped their holidays back then. Each week (or so!) we'll be bringing you a new band with a new story to share that'll hopefully inject a bit of sunshine back into your summer.

First up is one of our favourite singer-songwriters (and one who has personally been a huge part of some of my teenage summers, too!) Kevin Devine. He's very kindly chosen to cover the excellent Pavement's 'Summer Babe' for us, and has a story that I think we can all relate to accompanying it:

"I saw Pavement with my first ever girlfriend at my second ever concert in the summer of 1995, outdoors, and they opened with this," he said.

"There's something about the looseness of this song, its slack nostalgia, that I associate with long, lazy summer days outside, with a girl, being charmed & charming."

The lyrics are, in Pavement style, pretty much inscrutable wordfun collage, but their, his; magic trick was the way he breaks from the winking to invest, through inflection, such feeling, yearning even, in certain phrases ("I'll be waiting forever, I'm waiting (x8)..." & "I've got a lot of things I want to sell, but not here, babe - torture!").

"It's a truly lovely & lived-in memory, no Instagram filter required."

Watch Kevin cover 'Summer Babe' – in which he also dressed up especially for the occasion – below, and his latest record Between The Concrete And Clouds is available now from Big Scary Monsters now.