Neat idea. What's a neat idea? It's ConcertZap. Kind of like a Facebook for concerts (or gigs or shows, whatever you wanna call 'em), it shows you everything that's going on around you, or everything that an artist is doing in terms of live shows around the world, however you choose to search.

For instance, I click on Ariana Grande, because I'd really like to see this Mariah Carey successor (or pretender, depending on how you see it) live. I search her name, click her face, and boom – whoa! She's busy. Really busy: she's booked up from April to October, performing a number of dates in each month all across the USA. And people wonder why pop stars sometimes have meltdowns…

The site splits things up between top venues, most popular artists, and the top tours; currently, Taylor Swift is first in the "Top Tours" list, with a whopping 64 upcoming shows stretching into the future. And the top venue? TD Garden in Boston. Possibly because on 24th and 25th June, New Kids On The Block, TLC and Nelly will be performing – simply amazing.

So if you're in the US, or you're planning a trip over there anytime soon, I'd keep my eyes on ConcertZap if I were you: the sheer number of artists and locations means there's bound to be something cool happening near wherever you're staying.