Welcome to 2010! We hope you're not too hungover or still on your friends couch - cold and hungry. Although saying that, this was written a few days before the sun came out to play on this new decade, so we're probably involved in one of those scenarios right now! 2009 was a great year for us, we put on a bunch of shows, some film nights, got a new website, made lots of friends, DJ'd a lot and generally tried to progress what The 405 is all about. None of this could be possible without all the people involved with the site and most importantly, you. We just wanted to take this time to let you know just how much we appreicate your input and for the fact that you come to our site in the first place. It's the only reason why we do what we do. Now on to business... We have some HUGE ideas/plans for making this our best year yet and we just wanted to let you know about them. These include a few tweaks to original content. 1. We will have a new site design soon. It's beautiful. 2. Some of the content that seemed incosistent will be handled properely. This includes regular (every two weeks) mixtapes, cloud corner, flickr roundup's and newsletters. 3. Video content will be pushed to the max. We plan on having two video sessions per month, plus a wealth of other video content (interviews etc). 4. Radar: The radar section will be cut back to once every two weeks. This will give the featured artist more time to breath and will lead to a more in depth feature. 5. New Talent? We plan on introducing you to a lot more musical talent this year. 6. Trailers: We'll be hosting a lot more film trailers. 7. Covers: We'll be comissioning bands to cover songs for us! This will result in a covers album by the end of the year. 8. Single of the week: This will continue but with a video edition at the end of each month (a band will give us their verdict on the month just passed) 9. Art: The art team is much bigger now and will ensure that we have an incredible art section for you to drool over. 10. News: Our news section will be 100% up to date, at all times. 11. Guest Columns: This includes a regular column by Jack Alcopop, Simon from Puregroove and a wealth of one off articles from the world of music, art & film. 12. 405 Podcast: Expect a monthly podcast from team 405. It's gonna be amazing! There's a LOT more to look forward to but hopefully that will give you an indication of what's to come. We love you all. Happy 2010. The 405 Team x