Over the course of 2012 we'll be expanding the site quite a bit, and one of the areas we've been planning for a long time now is 'The 405 Community', which will serve a variety of different purposes. We wont go into all the details right now, but hopefully this update will get you used to the concept. Essentially 'The 405 Community' idea is about putting together something more personal, and possibly something that will cement the 'community' vibe of the site that we're proud we've built over the last few years. We know it sounds vague, but we promise it will make sense further down the line.

To get the ball rolling we're going to kick things off with a new feature called 'Community Review'. The idea is simple. We ask you a question such as 'What's the best thing you've heard this week?' and you reply with a paragraph review. We then post all the submissions the following week, along with a new question.

The first question is simple, and happens to be the one from above:

What's the best thing you've heard this week?

Send your submissions to hello@thefourohfive.com