While Alien is probably the strongest film, technically at least, no one can deny that Aliens is the most enjoyable. A troop of marines armed to the teeth with futuristic weaponry getting taken down by Geiger-inspired nightmares? Bill Paxton losing his shit on a desolate rock? Ripley's Mecha Vs Alien Queen showdown? What's not to love?

Like many people, I've been watching Gearbox Software's development of Aliens: Colonial Marines with half a cynical eye. I've been burnt by Alien universe games before (except for the Atari Jaguar's amazing Aliens Versus Predator, which is worth tracking down a second hand console to experience for yourselves). And Prometheus. I know it's not a game, but the pain is still fresh.

However, the latest trailer showcasing the Aliens: Colonial Marines Survival Mode has given me a faint tingle of hope. Never mind the amount of research that's gone into the game, or the fact that it's a direct sequel to Aliens, set before the questionable Aliens 3. If this trailer is anything to go by, I think we might all be in for a pleasant surprise.