A new teaser trailer for STEALER has been uploaded, showing off some nice retro sprites with a vibe that harks back to the days of Another World/Flashback.

Created by Winged Doom, also responsible for Journey to Hammerdale, what started as a mini-project has now become a fully fledged original title.

Although the trailer is pretty, gameplay is still very hazy at this moment in time. Winged Doom have said the major influence for this game comes from Sokoban (Agame that focuses on block-pushing puzzles), however STEALER will be mixed with platforming elements with more of a focus on exploration and atmosphere.

After playing Primordia last month, I am hungry for more independently made Sci-Fi games with a retro style touch to them. The trailer shows off some nice sprite action with a touch of vibrancy that I’ve not seen since games like Another World or Shadow of The Beast 2 (mainly their cutscenes).

It will be interesting to see where this project goes and what the final product will be. Whatever happens, I am definitely looking forward to this one!