Doing their level best to bring more awesome stuff into the world, PopCap have released yet another update for their iOS Plants Vs Zombies app, adding four new, extra difficult levels to the Last Stand mode along with a final Last Stand Endless mode for people who hate being able to win games. There are also some new achievements, as if the game isn't compulsive enough already, and the game has finally been updated to take advantage of the iPad's retina display, making the excellent cartoon graphics look crisp and clean.

The game also includes some new items for in-app purchase, but thankfully these aren't necessary to win any of the gamemodes. The new mallet pack allows the more tactically-challenged players to swat their way out of any sticky situations they might find themselves in, and gives more chance of dropping coins on a successful splatting.

The graphics update is free, but the Last Stand pack costs £0.69, or if you play the game way too much (no such thing) and have managed to amass 100,000 in-game coins, it can also be purchased with these. If you don't already own PvZ, the iOS app is £1.99 for the low-res version, or £4.99 for the souped-up HD release. Plants vs Zombies can also be found (in it's best form) on Steam for £6.99.