In a week that hasn’t smiled lightly on Sony, it’s time for the first ever 405 Playstation roundup. So what are the odds of there being something to smile about?

Transformers are back in town


The odds are quite high actually, as the demo of Transformers: Fall of Cybertron has hit the PSN store, which has caused productivity to grind to a halt on many gaming blogs this week. Follow up to the surprise hit, War for Cybertron, Fall of Cybertron continues where its prequel left off and brings with it changes that will vastly improve the game engine and mechanics. Early signs are good, however fans are concerned by the lack of barrel roll. YOU CAN’T PLAY A GAME AND NOT SHOUT ‘DO A BARREL ROLL’.

Sony lost money.... somewhere


The not smiling I was talking about earlier was about the huge losses posted by Sony this week. Mainly due to the Vita, a product that Sony really need to price drop and take the risk like Nintendo did. The losses posted came in at around $312 million with games sales down 1.2%. Hopefully, this does not mean the end of the Vita (as it did with the PSP when the PSP Go came out) but instead will serve as a kick in the ass for Sony, who really need to make the powerful handheld worthwhile. Early progress has been promising, with the company announcing that Little Big Planet will finally be released on the hand held this September, as will other killer games that should now start to slowly dribble out.

Source: The Sixth Axis

Smack ma Fat Princess up


Every console needs a brawler. Now that every console has a brawler, every console needs a game where its mascots and lead characters duke it out over a range of themed stages. Nintendo has Smash Brothers and now Playstation has All Stars Battle Royale. This October you'll get the chance to see who would really win in a fight between Nathan Drake and Parappa the Rapper whilst Kratos watches on from the top of Olympus. If you can’t wait for the game, then do not fear young padawan as the game is going beta this autumn. Further details as to what the beta will allow you to do haven't been released, but one can expect that it will give you a fair chunk of gameplay to mess around with. Emphasis has been put heavily on the ability to play between Vita and PS3, so hopefully that will be playable in the beta.

Source: Digital Spy

Extend the Library Kenneth


Instant Game Collection is one of the main reasons why you should get Playstation Plus in your life and this week's addition is fantastic. The survival horror megamonolith that is Dead Space 2 is now available for free if you are a Playstation Plus subscriber and have a large amount of Persil ready to clean those pants whilst playing. Dead Space 2 isn't as scary as the first, but has a higher level of intensity. Make sure you download this now and immerse yourself in one of the best new IP’s of recent times.