Danish pop singer Karen Marie Ørsted under then name of has quite the knack in dreaming-up grandiose, yet hugely fun tunes, whilst splicing satisfying R&B tones with polished electronica.

In our favourite coastal resort of Brighton-town, we spoke to MØ by a carousel on the beach where she discussed the contradictory meaning behind the name, how her art background feeds into her sound, and how the lyrics develop. 'Waste of Time' soundtracks the interview and is out now on Chess Club Records - watch the video for the single here that features hair being whipped back and forth, freaky snakes and lovely paintings.

You can watch the interview below, or via our TV Section. It's also available via our Youtube page (please watch in HD when possible).

Created by Stephen Bevan & Tim Boddy
Interview by Will Slater
Edited by River Stas