The day prior to this session that we filmed with Marika Hackman features a story that I'm sure many of you Internet-addicted types will be familiar with.

Marika having played at Embassy on Old Burlington Street in Mayfair had her guitar stolen; and within hours the story had gone viral after a tweet from the singer-songwriter, a photo of the perpetrator in Instagram retweeted by thousands, and even it becoming a trending topic on Twitter. So with the saga still hanging in the air we met up with her along the canal by Broadyway Market, only to find out that the story had just reached a happy conclusion and the "thief" has promised to return the guitar. Wahoo!

Anyways, Marika performed a downright gorgeous take of 'Bath is Black' that can be found on mini-album That Iron Taste (that Charlie Andrew of Alt-J producing fame produced). The album beholds a delicate, benevolent darkness, and, this is verging on the patronising but you really can see why critics are saying the Brighton-based act possesses a maturity beyond her years.

That Iron Taste is out now via Dirty Hit on CD/download and vinyl - order details are on Marika's website.

You can watch the session below, or via our TV Section. It's also available via our Youtube page (please watch in HD when possible).

Created by Tim Boddy & Max Sanderson
Sound mixing by Ed Blow