Ok, so let’s break the golden rule. I’ve never been to Best Kept Secret, I guess I could pun on the name of the place but I doubt it would be funny, I just want to explain that the preview that follows is written from the position of an excited virgin. (hi guys).

Now in it’s fourth year, Best Kept Secret is set in beside a beautiful lake near Tilburg in the Netherlands, I know because I’ve stared open mouthed at the pictures. It’s set across five stages, three of them are tented and hidden in the woods, the main stage is by the lake which means I get to watch Explosions In The Sky on a beach this Sunday lunchtime. I get to wake up and watch a beautiful band create a beautiful sound in a beautiful place and then start my day? Are you fucking kidding me?

The line up is a pretty exceptional example of how to cherry pick the good artists from what is currently popular in the mainstream and what is still cool in the blogosphere, but I’ll get to that later. Aside from the bands, what jumps out is the focus on the entire festival site and the facilities available. This is not a festival that intends to underwhelm you with it’s food stands. There is even a long table banquet serving three course meals by the water ffs. Let's save my impending gut for the review when I get back. Here are five bands you shouldn't miss if you are attending this weekend and I haven't even included Wolf Parade or Beach House or Empress Of or Preoccupations or Low or Yeasayer or Oneohtrix Point Never or the hundred million thousand other bands that are on the line up.

I Am Oak

For six albums this Utrecht based musician has created delicate and enjoyable music that has you emoting for days, much in the same way as Low, who you can also see at the festival. Right?! Take a listen to the album Ols Songd if you need proof. I Am Oak play Three on Friday at 15:45.

Explosions In The Sky

I mentioned these guys earlier but I’m so very genuinely excited about seeing this band over Sunday lunch. A slot that Latitude festival has developed and utilised so well over the past few years, showing that you can enjoy both the chill (Joanna Newsom) and being woken up (Atomic Bomb) first thing on a Sunday. EITS will do both and more, and that is a super exciting prospect. They play One on Sunday at 13:15.


Dan Snaith basically makes the best party in town and I can’t wait for it. I know that the entirety of Caribou’s set will probably be the only time in the next ten days when I won’t have the EU Referendum bubbling in the back of my mind making me anxious. Let’s go and dance away our worries together. Caribou play Two on Saturday at midnight.


Their self titled album comes out this Friday and it is a fucking riot. I don’t what else I can say. If you like guitar music you must go and see this band. They play Five at 15:00 on Saturday.

Julien Baker

Julien Baker is a goddamn revelation. She is playing just before Weaves at 14:15 on Three and will strip away every layer of bullshit you’ve buried your true self under and leave you to enjoy the festival and the rest of your life free of it all.

Here's a Spotify playlist that I made of bands that are playing this weekend:

There are still a few tickets available.