Sexy Beast

This Jonathan Glazer film is one of my all time favorites. It has this beautiful sun-kissed pallet and Ben Kingsley as Don Logan gives one of the most intense performances you’ll see in a film. The opening scene is brilliant and the pool overheads were big influences for the Beacon 'On Ice' video. -JG

La Jetée

I couldn’t decide between Stalker and La Jetée for my favourite post-apocalyptic meditation, but after recently re-watching both I was reminded of the powerful impression Chris Marker’s film made on me when I first saw it. By reducing the medium to a literal sequence of images, La Jetée is a perfect study in the hidden rhythm of film storytelling. It’s a beautiful story about memory and time that can never be separated from Marker’s hypnotic delivery. - TMIII

There Will Be Blood

It’s hard to pick a Paul Thomas Anderson film because I love so many of them, but the Jonny Greenwood score and Daniel Day-Lewis performance are up there as all-time greats. The church scene here was one of my visual references for our the 'Be My Organ' video. It’s such a powerful and unnerving scene where Lewis and Dano are at their peak. -JG

The Conversation

I initially watched The Conversation to focus on Walter Murch’s editing and genre-defining diegetic sound design and ended up staying for the elegant suspense of a neo-noir thriller, my film genre sweet spot. As the definitive “audio-version” of the accidental surveillance thriller (De Palma’s Blow Out is amazing as well), I discovered one of my all-time favourite films in The Conversation. - TMIII

Paris, Texas

This is our mutually approved favorite. Just a couple of months ago we re-watched the peep booth scene in our studio while discussing references for the suite of music videos for our new record Gravity Pairs. Bold, intense colours and cinematography is where we were looking for inspiration and of course, this film is defined by those. We’ve recently lost a lot of the key figures that made this movie so exceptional and valuable. RIP HDS, Sam Shepard, and Robby Müller. - TMIII & JG

You can watch Beacon's video for 'Be My Organ' below. Their forthcoming third album, Gravity Pairs, is out on November 2nd via Ghostly International.