Edward Scissorhands

This movie breaks my heart in the most wonderful way. I love the contrast of the two worlds within the film. There's the stagnant, cookie cutter, technicolour suburbia filled with vapid, gossipy neighbours and then there's the mysterious, gothic castle on the hill that houses the mad inventor and dreamy, wounded Edward. It's a tragic, unusual, and beautiful twist on the idea of impossible love. Danny Elfman's score is so magical and perfect for the story. For me it has one of the best endings... even though they can't be together he sends her a message of love every winter in the form of snowflakes cut from his own hands.

Paper Moon

This is the first movie I fell in love with. Tatum & Ryan O'Neal were amazing to watch onscreen together. The dialogue is so sharp and witty and their dynamic is so funny and honest and moving. I love the beautiful black and white cinematography set in the depression-era dust bowl. It really transports you to that time and place. There is a patient and unapologetic stillness to some of the scenes that is totally captivating. Madeline Khan is incredible in it too... no one could've played her part better.

The Graduate

This film is so perfect. It's a layered, funny take on an Oedipal story complete with a Greek Chorus. I love the idea that Simon and Garfunkel are acting as the observing gods as Ben rejects conformity, acts out in sexual confusion, then ultimately slays the dragon and steals the princess. It's so beautifully and iconically shot and it's punctuated with some of my favourite music of all time.

Harold & Maude

I happened upon this movie when I was a kid and I was so taken by the story of a young man falling in love with an old lady. I loved the way she opened his eyes to life, pulled him out of his sad existence, and took him on adventures. It's a sweet reminder that love manifests in many forms and to embrace it however it may come to you.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Oh the importance of music in film! When I hear the sad, warbling strains of the primitive musical saw in the score my soul aches for every character. The battle of power and submission and the idea that freedom can be surrendered or even stolen at the whim of another is a terrifying idea that can play out in so many different walks of life. I love the portrayal of those ideas in this movie and the sweet relationships that develop even in the darkest places. Also Jack's performance in this fucking rules. duh.


Cat Pierce has just released the video for her new single 'Weapon of War', which you can watch below. "The song is about going through a traumatic experience and becoming something new as a result," she explains. "The catsuit was inspired by two of my favourite characters from modern cinema, Catwoman and Edward Scissorhands. They both wore black leather as protection and also as a symbol of strength. They were damaged individuals but used their flaws and scars to evolve into something more powerful. We shot it on the beaches of San Diego and downtown LA. The rain was unexpected but ended up being really beautiful and adding to the misty Gotham city vibe."