Blade Runner

This was a huge influence on my music, at least my thought process behind the music. From the interface design, to the neon signs. I'm inspired more by the visual aspects of this film rather than the score.

THX 1138

THX 1138 serves as a disconnection for me. If I'm feeling overwhelmed I'll watch this in an attempt at resetting my view of current state of society. It's jarring, it's depressing. I long for the way it makes me feel. Also, the interface designs are amazing.

Our Day Will Come

I stumbled across this film by Romain Gavras, I don't even remember how come to think of it. It's another ode to disassociation with society and it has an extremely visually pleasing way of doing so. It's and upsetting film, but it's also very moving.


Life moves at an alarming rate. This film is absolute beauty. I find solace in watching Koyaanisqatsi. It's so sort of weird escape into our own civilization. It's retrospective and makes me feel conflicted at the pace of things. I still think this film is quite relevant although being released in 1982.

Ghost in the Shell (the 1995, original version; English subtitles)

I tend to throw this on when I can't decide what to watch. I love the sound design and the music is beautiful. I really enjoy the ideals of this film, machines with consciousness. I don't think it's a far off concept. But whom am I to purport to know anything about the future?

Com Truise's first new album in 6 years, Iteration, is out on June 16th via Ghostly International. Check out 'Isostasy' below.