The Stuff

My favourite B-movies are the ones that are legitimately trying to excel- it makes their shortcomings that much better. In a world where bad is good and good is boring, The Stuff is a masterpiece of acting and directing misfires which are excruciating to watch in all the right places. The antagonist / 'monster' in this 'monster' movie is just some 'stuff' that comes out of the ground and gets turned into ice cream. Confusing!? Brilliant!

The Blob

The 1980s version, duh. Monster is an ever-growing mass of flesh - check. Graphics are really gross and unconvincing in a hilarious way - check. Director may think this movie is actually-good good - check! Rumour has it that there will be a reboot of this soon and I can't be more excited/nervous. What if they make it better?! It would ruin it!


I took a flight on a German airline and thought I'd check out this German indie film. It totally had me bawling my eyes out on the plane. The entire film is one-shot. Starts in a German Techno club. Makes you feel like you've fallen In love and had your heart broken in a way that movies should probably never do. Did I mention the entire film is one shot?

Belladonna of Sadness

Yeah I'm a little late to this, but hopefully I made up for it by watching it for 2 weeks straight during bad depression. It's just... so good. It's like the Zeppelin 3 of all anime. It's about a woman's descent and return from hell... so metal...


Loved this movie because Gasper Noé does this thing with time that no-one else can pull off where you feel like you are mid - DMT trip / having your whole life flash before your eyes on your death-bed for the entire thing. Plus I loved the use of the 3D glasses in this, and I hate 3D glasses.

Doldrums' new album, Esc, is out on June 30th. Watch the video for 'Heater' below.