There Lived Kozyavin

Jon EE Allan: Perhaps my favourite of all time. This is a short film by the Russian animator Andrei Khrzhanovsky. It was made at the height of Soviet Censorship and is full of symbolism about dogged bureaucracy and big-nothingness. It's hilarious and solemnly beautiful and heartbreakingly sad. It reminds me a lot of Brazil by Terry Gilliam, but with a thuggish, pitiful, almost Mr. Bean-ish desk clerk and no hero.


Benji Compston: A few months before starting work on our latest album, we all went to see Terry Gilliam speak at the Southbank Centre in London. He's such a great lesson in keeping the joy alive despite massive disappointments and setbacks. Brazil is probably my favourite Terry Gilliam movie, along with The Zero Theorum. (What more could you want in life than Jonathan Pryce in angel wings with an enormous sword in his hand). Apparently, he made it without ever reading 1984 - because he didn't want the actual thing to interfere with his imagining of it. That's a trick we've used a few times since...

Ghosts Before Breakfast

Benji Compston: This short film was made in 1928 by Hans Richter and still remains to this day a masterpiece of stop motion. Watching it, you realise how many massive movies have borrowed (some subtly and some no-so-subtly!) images and ideas from this film - not least Hans Richter's own feature film Dreams That Money Can Buy 19 years later in 1947.


Jon EE Allan: I don't know how this was categorised as an A movie. Masterful B-movie tracking Scarlett Johansson's metamorphosis from drug mule to USB stick.

Crazy, Stupid, Love

Jon EE Allan: Key-player in the genre of mid-life crisis movies. I completely love this film.


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