Blade Runner

One of my all-time favourite sci-fi movies that still today inspires and thrills me. Harrison Ford and Ridley Scott at their best. Rutger Hauer bad yet poetic as fuck. Where did he go? The rain, the future city with its mysterious atmosphere. And... Vangelis.

First Blood

I saw First Blood for the first time when I was 7 and Rambo immediately made a huge impression on me. It's still a great movie. Sylvester is ough and hot as fuck. An action movie that was a game changer in its genre. It keeps the tension and doesn't go crazy with violence. A timeless story of a misunderstood outcast hero.


Another classic and inspiration for such current hip clips as Stranger Things. Music again memorable. Steven Spielberg at his most deep. E.T. wants home!

Conan the Barbarian

The first Schwarzenegger movie I saw. I was again quite young, 5 or 6 when I saw it on TV. Conan blew me away! After that. all I did was play Conan with my Playmobil toys and draw Conan-inspired violent stories all day long. On this one, Schwarzenegger shows "where the chicken pees from" as we say in Finland.

The Thing

I remember this John Carpenter classic vaguely. But do I remember the scary and slightly disgusting feeling it left in me. Means it's a proper fucking horror movie. Carpenter!


Liima's forthcoming album, 1982, is out November 3rd on City Slang. and announce a European headline tour. Watch out the video for '2-Hearted' below.