A documentary that follows the careers of two friends and their respective bands; The Dandy Warhols and The Brian Jonestown Massacre. I love watching music documentaries, seeing the things that bands and artists have had to go through to get to where they are. The enthusiasm, passion and sheer self-destructive attitude of BJM frontman Anton Newcombe is magnificent. In some ways I admire him and his confidence, but his skills are surpassed by his ego, self-regard and drug habits.

Courtney Taylor of The Dandy Warhols: "I've never seen them eat. All I've seen them do is drink liquor and snort drugs."

Anton Newcombe: "No one's gonna say "Fuck you!" to me on *my* stage with *my* band!"

Into The Wild

I remember watching this when I was 19 and felt instantly consumed by wanderlust, as many others probably were. If it wasn't a true story then I'd have had no interest in it. I think the same goes for Titanic actually (also a great film). Following this I read the book, which delves into more stories of people detaching themselves from society, becoming abandoned on expeditions and going to extreme measures to survive, or just die in some cases.

Shawshank Redemption

An obvious classic that I don't really need to say much about. Just a great film.

Withnail & I

This was a suggested watch by one of my video directors a few years back. I just love the characters, their alcoholism and mannerisms are hilarious... I guess that's the point. The scene where they're faced with a bull brings back memories of growing up in the country and the times I would up wake up with a dozen cows in our garden.

The Terminator

Feels like a stupid choice, but I remember when I was four - before I had started school - I was allowed to stay up 'late' and watch the evening films with my Mum; this was one of them. For some reason, it stuck with me and I watched it a lot throughout my childhood. I don't think I ever knew what was going on. I probably just enjoyed the robots and flames.

Bonus: Cowspiracy

Not a favourite movie, just one of the last documentaries that I've watched, which was really insightful. To put it briefly and bluntly, it's about how the meat industry is destroying our planet, which it is, way more than people realise or care to talk about. I'm not going to tell you to stop eating meat, but if you ever wanted a reason to stop, watch it.


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