The Godfather I, II & III

This has to be my absolute favourite. I watched all three one after the other by myself after hearing a couple of my older cousins reeling of quotes like "Revenge is a dish best served cold" and "Just when I thought I was out, they pull back in." I so badly wanted to understand what they were going on about and that's how I discovered the wonderful underworld of the Sicilian Mafia. I fell in love with Michael's earnest desire to have both a normal family as well as be Don Corleone. However much he tried I just watched him fall deeper and deeper into the ways of the mafia until he loses his sweet innocent daughter with a bullet that was meant for him. I cried so much because by the third film I felt I had gotten to know the characters so much and felt I had some understanding of the traditions. You can't really beat a classic.


I chose this film because when I watched it, I couldn't take my eyes off the screen start to finish. Using a minimal cast and a handful of backdrops as the setting I was bewitched by the dialogue and intensity between teacher and student. I really thought that they would develop a bond but instead, it becomes a dark competition between Miles and Simmons, who completely abuses his power. I am again mislead to think that they'll never meet again only to find that through the complete sacrifice of themselves, they master the art of being brilliant gaining respect for one another as they play jazz until they bleed (literally). I love a film that captures you without needing too many fireworks.


This film had me in absolute tears of laughter on a flight one time. I really wasn't expecting it to be so funny and rude but hey, there I was cackling whilst trying to hide the screen thinking the other passengers might think I was super immature and loud. I loved the frankness and the wit Amy Schumer brings to the story, it feels quite realistic and also quite moving when her father passes, so suddenly. She gives a great performance and I've definitely seen it a few times now. Who doesn't like a good laugh?

Bad Boys

This reminds me of my big sister, straight up nostalgia with this one. She loved this film and I think I may have seen it at least twenty times. Her friends would come round and they'd all sit there watching it and I'd be peeping through the door because I wasn't old enough. Eventually, I did with my sister and I thought it was the best thing I'd ever seen. The action, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence were like a dream team, I was totally crushing, the soundtrack was solid and we all knew "Bad boys - bad boys- whatcha got' do- watcha gon' do when they come for you". Everyone loves a good cop bad cop film pissing off the bad guys off especially when they go rogue.


Being half French but growing up in the UK, this was one of the few French films that really stuck with me. I absolutely love Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel together and they know how to make a great romantically charged drama. If you want a French love triangle seeped with a bit of thriller, this is the one to watch.

NUUXS recently released the excellent 'No Good For Me', which you can stream below.