La Vie Est Belle (starring Papa Wemba)

This one takes me back to my childhood. I remember dreaming of being like Papa Wemba growing up. Not only could he sing, but he could act as well, and we've never seen that in Kinshasa before. Here I am, following his footsteps and dreaming even bigger. His legacy is the core of my inspiration.

Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Not because it's part of the best Trilogy ever, but because it's the best of the 3 films. That battle was epic. I enjoy movies that are so detailed you need to watch it a couple of time to get all the subtleties. I have the collectors DVD collection.

Le dîner Des Cons

This is probably the funniest movie I've seen in my entire life. Just watched again, a few weeks ago, and it's still funny af. Everything about this comedy is perfect: dialogue, storytelling, and especially the actors.

City of God

I believe I was in high school when I saw this movie. It's probably one the best movie about gangs I've seen. This movie helped me see another perspective of life. Being able to get a gleam of the organised crime in Rio de Janeiro, with most of the film inspired by real events. It's just eye opening and makes think and realise that life can be really complicated sometimes.

La Haine

I feel very close to this movie. It portrays the life of young immigrants living in a poor french neighbourhood. The dynamic between the three main characters and their friendships is something anyone can relate to. We see them struggling to entertain themselves and also finding themselves under police scrutiny. I feel really close to the reality of this movie. Growing up in Montreal, I've been surrounded by characters like these three. Not all of them had an ending like in the movie, but It makes you think wisely of all the decisions you make in life in order to succeed or survive.

Pierre Kwenders is set to play a handful of UK dates this month; check them out below, along with the video for 'Woods of Solitude'.

May 13 - Wrexham, Focus Wales Festival @ Rewind Wrexham
May 17 - London @ The Old Blue Last (DJ Set)
May 18 - Brighton, The Great Escape @Canada House (Green Door Store)
May 23 - London @ Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen
May 25 - Glasgow @ The Glad Café
May 26 - Liverpool Sound City @ Constellation
May 27 - Liverpool Sound City @ Pirate Stage on Clarence Dock