Dazed and Confused

It’s my favorite movie. I saw that movie for the first time when I was in 8th grade. And I know every line; I refer to it as my 'Bible'. I find a lot of similarities between me and Randall, the quarterback of the football team in that movie, who was a stoner. A hippie jock. I’ve been referred to as a hippie jock before.

Dances with Wolves

It’s a three-hour-long movie. It was one of the few movies that I had in my house at all times. It’s the story of Lieutenant John J. Dunbar finding out who he really is and what he stands for. And he finds true love in the process. It’s the story of Lieutenant John J. Dunbar becoming “John Dunbar”.

The Sandlot

Another “dream summer” scenario where you meet up, you get your knees dirty, you play some baseball. Meet some girls, try to show off for those girls, chew tobacco for the first time. Once again, it’s another 'Bible' of mine because I feel like I quote Sandlot every two days and I watch it at least four times a year.

Field of Dreams

It’s where my obsession with cornfields began. The mystery of cornfields. I wrote all these songs for the new album in the middle of cornfields pretty much, in a studio surrounded by cornfields. I just love Kevin Costner, as well. I’m a big Kevin Costner fan. Oh, and it deals with the afterlife, too. Maybe Field of Dreams was responsible for me diving into that.

The Shawshank Redemption

This movie is incredible. It’s the story of two best friends. It’s a story of a man making the best of his injustice. A patient escape from prison. Just bit by bit, he escapes, he digs out a hole with the rock hammer over years and years and years. And he crawls out of the evil grips of the prison through a sewage pipe for five football fields or something.

Rayland Baxter's new album, Wide Awake, is out on July 13th via ATO. Listen to 'Casanova' below.