SadGirl is LA-based trio of Misha Lindes (vocals/guitar), Dakota Peterson (bass), and David Ruiz (drums), who have their debut album Water coming out tomorrow through Suicide Squeeze. The romantic and blissful sound of the record was in no small part influences by visual sensibilities, so we thought they'd be a great addition to our 5 Easy Pieces feature.

Check out Misha's 5 (but actually 6) favourite films below, and look for Water out tomorrow (or stream it early over on Vice).


Back to the Future

I have loved this movie since I was a child and I still watch it all the time. I think maybe because my dad grew up in the 50s and would tell me about his childhood in the suburbs of DC. I wanted to know what it was like riding around his neighborhood on a bike like in Stand by Me or something, or seeing Elvis on TV for the first time. I just loved the idea of being able to visit a time period like you visit a town. I love all the beats in the movie and the world building is awesome. It's funny and endearing and it makes you fantasise about the possibility of time travel.

Pulp Fiction

Same with Back to the Future, I have looooved this movies since I was too young to watch it. I love the soundtrack and the dialogue is so quick and sharp and quotable. I love that its set in Los Angeles and done in this series of semi-linear vignettes - it's just the best shit. Awesome dialogue, awesome music and perfect location. Thats all you need.


I remember my dad showing me this film when I was too young to really understand what was going on, it wasn't until a few years ago that I re-watched it as an adult and really fell in love with the film. It's such a dark and moody film (again set in L.A. which I'm a total sucker for). I think maybe part of what I like about it is its semi-accurate historical context. It's based on its own version of history and how Los Angeles got its water supply. L.A. is notorious for constantly wiping out its history and rebuilding and rebuilding, so I think there's some element of fascination for me in the story telling of other versions of Los Angeles, semi-fictional, semi-real. Plus the classic hard boiled noir detective is such a vibe, Jack Nicholson is so insanely cool.

Eyes Wide Shut

This is another one that I didn't really appreciate until recently. I love Kubrick and most of his movies are on the top of my favorites list - but this one is just soooo good to me. Its so spooky and disarming. You feel like you're inside someone else's head trying make sense out of their delusions and fantasies. The score is also insane and of course visually its amazing.

Wayne's World

I heard a lot of music in this movie for the first time - Jimi Hendrix, Alice Cooper, Queen. Its so damn quotable and still sooo funny. Definitely a top 10 favorite movie for sure.

Spirited Away

I love this movie so much. Its just so beautiful and fantastic. I saw it in theaters with some friends when it originally came out when I was like 11 or something, and I had no idea what we were going to see and I was completely blown away. I've watched it a couple times a year ever since. Watching this movie feels like being in a dream, its the best feeling ever and is such an important piece of film making to me!!! I want all movies to make me feel the way this movie does.


SadGirl's debut album Water is out tomorrow. Check out their video for single 'Chlorine' below.