The Shining

The cinematography is amazing, as well as the location and the sets. Every time I watch it my eye catches something new. The dialogue is also very clever.

American Beauty

I appreciate dark comedy and the irony of this film. I like the way the film was shot and the camera work. Though the film was set in suburbia, which is dull, there were still pops of bright visual moments… I liked the juxtaposition there.


Suspiria is visually stunning. The use of lighting and colours is extremely clever throughout the film, as well as the way the background music is used to build tension. This is probably my favourite horror movie based off of the insane set decoration and unforgiving story.

Dazed and Confused

I love coming-of-age films from past eras and this is my favourite one.

Blue is the Warmest Color

I randomly came across this movie on Netflix. It’s a French film and coming-of-age story. The acting was impeccable and there was such a sense of honesty and rawness throughout.

Check out Saya's video for 'The Moon' below.