Withnail and I

Is there a film with better writing? Richard E Grant plays the best drunk I've ever seen. It's funny, poignant, honest, lonely and sad all at the same time. I never made the trek to the farmhouse in Sleddale Hall but will someday. The tough life of actors/artists trying to make that leap from the margins/unknown to the known. Very quotable, a brilliant film.

Brief Encounter

Exquisite and pretty. Beautiful writing and acting. Romantic. A simple setup and premise but with a deeper and thoughtful look into infidelity. Two people connect at the right place at the right time, there's nothing malicious about them, you understand the situation. In the end, their sense of duty to each other's loved ones prevails. Britain circa WWII and all the delicious visuals that go with it - trains, black and white film, tweed suits, cups of tea served in China at the train station.

The Wicker Man

Probably the best known Pagan horror film. The restored cut or Final Cut is the one to see, the timeline across this cut gels far more as they chopped up the original way too much, I don't know why (probably film execs/bean counters, typical). An uptight policeman investigating a missing girl and all the traps that are set for him until it unfolds to an ending which no one could imagine. Wonderful music as well.

2001: A Space Odyssey

The experience is less about thrilling us and more about "inspiring our awe" as Ebert once said. It's difficult to even talk about as I'm not sure it's meant to be picked apart although that is a great thing to do over a proper pub session.

Don't Look Now

The gift (curse?) of clairvoyance. John Baxter continues to ignore it with tragic consequences. There's a dark atmosphere to the film, lots of shots of water and glass give it a shimmering quality. Far scarier than Psycho and something that stayed with me much longer. The pairing of Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie is perfect and comes off so natural. Venice provides the perfect horror backdrop at night, dark alleyways, waterways, little bridges, deathly silent.

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