The Fly

As a person who is freaked out by his own body anatomy... I usually love everything by David Cronenberg. Body Horror is one of my favourite film genres and I always enjoy a good transformation scene.

La Bamba

This film hits me personally on many levels because I relate to almost all of it. My family upbringing was very similar, my passion for playing guitar, my ethnicity, and my fear of flying. My mom took me to see this film in the theatre in Downtown Los Angeles where I almost was abducted by a stranger who tried to entice me with a toy. My mom saw me about to leave with this strange man and chased him away.

Elephant Man

Although I am not severely deformed on the outside I can't help but relate to how John Merrick (The Elephant Man) feels about himself. I love a good heartbreaking film because I sometimes love to cry and let everything out. The Elephant Man was inspiration for the music video for a track called "Far" off my last record entitled 'Deeper'.


Those who know me well know my obsession with serial killers and slasher films. I've watched many slasher films in my day and still Halloween is perfection in the genre, plus Michael Myers is the absolute scariest fictional character of all time. Another reason for this film being highly influential to me is its film score by John Carpenter, the director himself.

Mad Max

I love all things dystopian. I remember watching this for the first time being amazed by the whole look of the film and how it reminded me of where I was currently living, the Mojave Desert. I would've killed to do the soundtrack for the remake.

Fatal Attraction

Adrian Lyne is an underrated film director who also directed another favourite film of mine, 'Jacob's Ladder'. This is one of the creepiest films I've ever seen and it has lingered with me ever since. Writing about this film alone is giving me chills, making me feel weird, and reminding me of past mistakes.


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