Technology is so advanced today, so much that with the best SERP tracker tool, it is now very easy and convenient to keep track of your site’s performance on search engines to check whether your SEO efforts have really paid off.

Largely, technology has not come devoid of its challenges, some too rampant and require preventive measures put in place to guarantee the safety of a site, especially of sensitive information that when in the wrong hands, might crumble your brand in an instance.

Are you a proactive website owner? To stay ahead of your game, consider using these 5 free tools to scan your website for security vulnerabilities and malware:


This is the most popular remote malware and security scanner plugin that is free for website users to access, even for Wordpress sites.

Sucuri is used as a site checker to examine and monitor your site for any known and unknown risks. This online tool can be used to perform a quick test to identify malware, spam, backdated software, malicious scripts generated as well as website blacklisting status.

Apart from the monitoring role, Sucuri provides for a website firewall that will not only protect your site from future attacks but also speed up the functioning of your site by blocking irrelevant popup ads.

This tool additionally lets you backup your website and associated files for easier retrieval in case of disastrous attack.


This malware checking tool is available for many sites and is highly recommended for malware removal services. Quttera usually scans your websites from the URL for any malicious or suspicious files, even alerting you for any files that are potentially suspicious, for you to choose how to deal with them.

This tool interacts amid Web Investigation Server (WIS) using HTTP interfaces to execute malware examination of a specific domain. With this tool, you can be assured of safe browsing on popular search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, as well as keep tabs on forthcoming threats on your site.

Ideally, the Quttera engine is backed up with a reliable framework that continuously enhances in matters malware detection, as well as an additional assistance from Quttera experts who are very likely to offer you insights and help when you face malware attacks.

Web Inspector

This malware scanning tool scans your website to identify any malware attacks that are already threatening your site. The tool then provides you with an analytical report of the results from the scan, including aspects of backdoors, Trojans, malware and even blacklists.

Since blacklists can deter your site from being crawled by site engines or be poorly indexed, this tool handily warns you of the threat of being blacklisted before it even happens.

Upon determining the various threats, the web inspector coupled with other tools fixes these vulnerabilities and prevents your site against further threats.

Since this tool is free, you can conveniently try using it to pick out any security vulnerabilities, even SSL certification checking.


The SiteGuarding tool is effective for scanning your domain malware, defacement as well as website blacklisting. This tool develops the highest graded security tools, and more so, is compatible with different types of sites like Drupal and Wordpress, helping you remove malware from your site, which means you can fix the threats, rather than just be alerted of their presence.

SiteGuarding also consists of a website antivirus and a website firewall that can keep you armed against future website threats. It accommodates for deep scans for every single file on the pages of your website, offering unique security solutions for the identified security vulnerabilities.

Exceptional for this tool, the release of a virus update is immediate once a new threat attacks and is analyzed beforehand, with unique heuristic operational algorithms that guarantee you all time support and protection.

Tinfoil security

As the initial step, Tinfoil security tool audits your entire website against the most common security vulnerabilities, and also crosschecks for threats from other security holes. With this tool, you will receive an analytical report with actionable insights on what you can do to rectify the identified mis-ups, with a rescan option that will allow you to do a second scan after resolving the determined threats.

The good news is that this scanning tool integrates with your existing toolsets, but more importantly, the scanning and rescanning process does not take a long time, so you do not have to worry about downtime for your site.

With a provision for single-click replays to reply attacks and verify scans, this tool is undeniably a go-to scanner for your website.

Website infections evolve daily, and malware attacks are constantly threatening websites. As much as you strictly follow all the necessary security measures for your site, you cannot thoroughly keep up with malware attacks, which is why these 5 tools are ideal website scanners that can keep you properly armed for whatever lurks ahead.