Cat Clyde

"I feel like I'm trying new things all the time. Currently, I'm driving across the country, going out west and driving all the way down to New Mexico to promote my upcoming album. All places I've never been and things I've never done."

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Sarsha Simone

"Chloë Sevigny would play me because I think she has the versatility to pull off my complexities. The film would be called The Buddha Barbie."

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"I went to LA for the first time last month and tried a whole lot of new stuff. In-N-Out is banging."

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Coco Mamba

"When I was a teenager, my friends and I used to sneak liquor from my mom's bar and replace what we drank with water. I ended up doing it so much that my mom went to make herself a drink and realized that all of her bottles were 80% water. It's hilarious now but she was pissed at the time."

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"I'm absolutely obsessed with the sound of rain. Stormy rain hitting the window is well cool. If it's not raining outside, I listen to it every night on One of my favourites is a YouTube video called Rain on a Tent Made of Canvas."

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