1. The New Jersey act is playing the 'mystery card'. Nothing new there; plenty of acts have played the 'Guess Who' game, especially this year. Audience loves it and journalists find it a masochistic challenge (new artists with no names, or biographical information are the nightmare of news writers.)

2. With 34,800,000 results on Google, 107625 plays/73 comments on Soundcloud, his sole track 'Indian Summer' is riding on the hype wave at the moment. This encouraged bloggers and critics to set free from the cult of celebrity persona, and allow the music to speak for itself.

3. The track is simply intoxicating. Dream-pop drenched in a tsunami of backing vocals, hazy vocals sitting amongst a rich synth tapestry and glitchy computerised noises.

4. 'Indian Summer' is so catchy, it could be the perfect riposte to all pretenders to the synth-pop throne. Chvrches beware.

5. Despite having just one track on his somewhat desolate Bandcamp and Soundcloud pages, and a non-existent Facebook / Twitter presence, Blood Cultures has become one of the most shareable artists for your social media buddies. Go ahead, and share the hazy chill-waves of Blood Cultures.

You can visit Blood Cultures by heading here.