For the last decade, it seems that musicians start their careers at a younger age. From a marketing point of view, that is understandable, but not everyone has that kind of opportunity and money to pursue their musical career from their early years. Nevertheless, history knows many talented and famous artists who came into the world of music considerably late and managed to ‘make it’. So, here is the list of most prominent of them!

1. Susan Boyle

This woman was an ordinary cook before, but at the age of 47, she decided to get a chance at Britain’s Got Talent. That was when her life took a radical turn and within a few months, she became internationally well known. Huge success resulted in her being nominated for two Grammy awards and releasing 6 solo albums. She even had to make her own music website due to all that success.

2. Andrea Bocelli

Now this man is known all over the world and his voice is considered to be the most beautiful ones. As Celine Dione once said, “if God would have a singing voice, he must sound a lot like Andrea Bocelli." But this fame has not always been along his life. After graduating from high school, Andrea decided to pursue his career in law and went to university to study. However, it did not last for long as he always had bigger passion for music. After a few auditions and contests, he got his first record deal at the age of 35.

3. LP

This decade’s phenomena that goes by the name of Laura Pergolizzi had been in a show business for a while. But…no one really knew about that. For a large part of her career, she wrote songs for other famous artists, like Rita Ora and Christina Aguilera. As for her own music, Laura spent her time performing in bars and did not get her chance to be noticed as a singer. Until she dropped her famous 'Lost On You' single in 2015 and it got noticed by a well-known producer while he was flying on a plane and listening to music. Soon after, she became an international hit and currently is touring all over the world.

4. Sheryl Crow

Now hugely popular country singer, this woman came as a solo performer into the big world of show business at the age of 31 when she signed her first contract. From that moment on, she won 9 Grammys and everyone’s love. Well-deserved, we must say. Unfortunately, she had been struggling to win a battle with cancer from 2011 and up to this day.

5. Adam Lambert

He loved to sing and act ever since he was a kid. Nevertheless, his lucky chance came at the age of 27 when he went through an audition on American Idol. He eventually turned out to be the most successful performer out of all people who participated in this contest during the time of its existence. Being a phenomenal vocalist, Lambert released 3 solo albums and does not seem to be slowing down. In 2011, he joined the legendary Queen and up to this day is touring with them as the lead singer. Though many people compare him to Freddie Mercury, Lambert seems to have his own interpretation of the rich legacy of this band.


As you see, it is never too late to pursue your dreams. These people proved that if you have just the right amount of talent, you can get recognition at any age. Just do not stop believing in yourself and your success will come either way. Practice makes perfect, as they say.