When it comes to the larger festivals like Coachella, the line-ups can sometimes be overwhelming.

While headliners are obvious viewing choices, it's important to make room for those gems and up-and-comers who may be off your radar. We're busy people. There's only so much research a festival-goer can do on bands and artists they have never heard of. But fear not, The 405 is here to share some artists and bands that we feel will be worthy of your time and attention.

This list is full to the brim with artists/bands on the brink of realising their full potential:


This 2017 Grammy nominated duo have a perfect combination of tasteful dance-pop and South American inspired rhythms. Lead singer Sophie often quotes Brazilian poetry in her lyrics and pairs it with tight guitar licks. Beat-smith Tucker makes sure you never stop dancing. Visually, they are also unique in that they have a "beat tree". Built to look like a tree, drum and other electronic pads are disguised as books and the duo bang on those to give a primal vibe to an otherwise modern band.


Singer, songwriter, and killer guitarist - she has it all. With the release of her last album, Puberty 2, Mitski has solidified herself as a critic favorite. Her lyrics have such a bite and unabashed honesty. It's damn near impossible not to relate to at least one of her songs. Mitski is an artist where after listening, you wonder why you waited so long to jump on the ever-growing band wagon of fandom.


This began as the musical solo project of Scott Hansen. This solo project soon blossomed into a 4-piece band that put out some of the best instrumental tracks. A main compositional theme throughout Tycho's trilogy of albums is minimalism. Hansen is also a graphic artist and his artwork pairs so well with his music- clean lines, simple shapes, with so much more under the surface. They combine electronic elements with live instrumentation. These songs are not meant for ragers. These tracks will carry you off out of the heat and give your consciousness a much needed cleanse.

Bishop Briggs

This singer-songwriter was gaining traction long before there was ever even a mention of a debut album. Her voice is larger than life and when paired with hip-hop inspired beats, she's a force to be reckoned with. While she is already played on alternative radio stations, she is getting recognized more and more by the mainstream pop community. It's only a matter of time before she's a household name.


This quartet have mastered surf-inspired garage rock. There's enough jangling guitars to make you forget this band is from Spain, not Southern California. Hinds are one of those bands that you can tell are best friends above all else and feed off of each other's energy to put out the best music they can.

Twin Peaks

The guys of Twin Peaks are fueled by weed, beer, and Stones-inspired riffs. But, while these dudes like to party, the Chicago natives take their music seriously. They are a rare occurrence in indie-rock music where they have multiple lead singers and songwriters. This adds different flavours to each track. Their live shows are always fun.