As part of our Artist Playlist series, Kita Alexander's discusses the music that influenced her the most. Alexander's track 'My Own Way' features on the new Kitsuné Maison 17 compilation, which is out on October 23rd.

"With the exception of my sister, my family is not very musically blessed. They can't sing a note in key, but they sure do have great taste. Through them, the music I grew up with inevitably influenced me."


'Crazy Little Thing Called Love' - Queen
The first song I ever learnt on guitar. I had to stop writing just now because I have the YouTube clip up, and I've never seen the video to this song, and it's insane. So good. Anyway, every morning driving to school when I was little, Queen was the soundtrack and this one was my favourite.

'Big Yellow Taxi' - Joni Mitchell
This is the theme song to my childhood, just because it is my mum's theme song to her life. I finally learnt it on guitar after years of her nagging and now I always choose the apple with spots on it.

'Landslide' - Fleetwood Mac
This probably has to be the first song that really inspired me and eventually made me want to write music forever. I remember lying in my room with this on repeat just dreaming of my future.

'Wild World' - Cat Stevens
Cat is, and always had been, my folk idol. Master of the lyrics and master of emotion. His work inspired me to write songs with just me and my guitar.

'What A Wonderful World' - Louis Armstrong
Whenever I feel blue, this song comes into my head, and I just start singing it straight away. My nan used to always sing it to me, so I suppose this song is forever engrained in my brain. A little reminder to try and always write happy, feel good tunes.

'Tears in Heaven' - Eric Clapton
I remember this was the first song my sister ever learnt to play and sing on guitar. I'd hear her play it every night. Clapton quickly became both our guitarist God.

'Weather With You' - Crowded House
Another song that was constantly being blasted through the house when I was growing up. Their hooks definitely caught something in me, because whenever I'm struggling to think of a good chorus I always refer back to these guys.

'An Ocean Between The Waves' - The War on Drugs
A new song and relatively new band. I am still growing up, learning about and being influenced by new music.