For a while from 2007-2011, A.A. Bondy was a pretty damn prolific songwriter, releasing 3 albums in that period, culminating in 2011's excellent Believers. Following the tour for that album, Bondy seemed to disappear... until now. He has resurfaced with a new album called Enderness, which is coming out on Fat Possum on May 10th. We can also tell you that the record was completed the day before his house was engulfed by the California wildfires. Beyond that, well, here's a sample of what Bondy has offered up:

"Nobody remembers if Gladys Broussard won the bingo game by going across or down. She might have even won by going diagonal, which has always been kind of like cheating to me. Anyhow, they had to give her the prize: two 33 and 1/3 long playing albums. The first was a Kiss record. They looked awful, very dangerous. The other album was the Village People's Cruisin’. It had a few men on the cover, relaxing on their toys. One had a big bulldozer, one an army jeep. Of course, the troublemaker had himself a chopper."

The Hunter S. Thompson-esque story goes on a little from there, but there's no real way of knowing if it relates to the music without actually hearing it. We have the first clue in lead single 'Images of Love', which picks up where Bondy left off all those years ago. It's a levitating rock song, that seems to hover between wakefulness and dreaming, Bondy's voice gliding across the surface into a vast aural expanse. The titular 'Images of Love' take on all sorts of hallucinogenic and histrionic forms, which may in themselves give us clues as to what Bondy has been up to in all this time. Take a listen for yourself below.

After releasing Enderness on May 10th, A.A. Bondy will be coming to the UK in June, playing these dates:

4 Jun - London @ St Matthias Church
6 Jun - Leeds @ The Brudenell Social Club
7 Jun - Manchester @ Gullivers
8 Jun - Edinburgh @ Summerhall