There's an old saying about how the best things in life take quite a long time to happen and hopefully that's the case with A$AP Rocky's debut studio LP LONGLIVEA$AP, as it has been delayed yet again. It was originally supposed to be released in September but was pushed to October 31st and now, it'll apparently show up in 2013 due to issues with the sampling and mastering of the LP. has reported that the LP will be seen most likely in the beginning of 2013 and below, you can see the text from an interview Rocky did, where he elaborated on what is delaying the LP's eventual release.

"The issue with my album is I got things on it that’s so out of this world that it’s taking so long to get mastered. That’s the issue, and I refuse to take anything off. It’s complete, everything is being mastered and cleared right now. Its just so hard to get things cleared, because you got to find people to clear samples. It takes a long time and that’s why it keeps getting pushed back from Halloween to September 11th. I want to say it’s looking like top of the year, first quarter because it makes no sense to put out a album in December."

Needless to say, if the rapper's upcoming LP is anything like what he's released before, it will definitely be worth the wait.