A Badge of Friendship presents their 'Merry Christmas 2012' compilation featuring some of the bands that have featured on their roster this year. From Cara Mitchell's Zooey Deschanel inspired 'Baby It's Cold Outside' to The Murder Barn's beautiful rendition of Low's 'Just Like Christmas' - this 9-track set exclusive to The 405 is guaranteed to bring a festive smile. Here's to a great Christmas and a rockin' New Year!

The Murder Barn - 'Just Like Christmas' (originally by Low)

Christmas songs are, in the main, mostly shit. When amazing bands like Low deign to produce lovely songs like 'Just Like Christmas' it makes the whole job of a "Christmas cover" infinitely simpler. Happy Christmas and New Year to you all. See you down Bar Humbug...

Algernon Doll - 'The Power of Love' (originally by Frankie Goes To Hollywood)

I chose, 'The Power of Love' by Frankie Goes to Hollywood as it's a Christmas song about what's important to me as an atheist - love! I may not be Christian but I believe it's a nice holiday for all family and friends to get together and show how much they all mean to each other, which is really important (even though they should do this every day!). It's also a completely over-the-top, camp power ballad and I thought it'd be fun to give it a try!

The Birthday Suit - 'Silent Night'

We chose 'Silent Night' because it has always been one if my favourite Christmas songs. I'm a big fan of melancholic melodies and this is a great example. I hadn't really thought about how religious the lyrics were until I sang them but, hey, it's Christmas!

Artifacts - 'Lonely This Christmas' (originally by Mud)

We picked 'Lonely This Christmas' because we felt that, despite it being arranged in a fantastically cliché way, the lyrics were bleaker than any other christmas song we'd heard before! So we thought the best way of giving the song its true colour was by making it sound as dark as it should be, done simply with some moody electronics and heavily saturated vocals.

Cara Mitchell - 'Baby It's Cold Outside' (oringally by Frank Loesser)

I decided to cover this song as I'm a huge fan of Zoey Deschanel and I especially liked her version of the track. I also prefer fun Christmas songs and feel this is one of those kind of songs.

Verse Metrics - Christmas Steps (originally by Mogwai)

I really enjoy the conventional Christmas songs that we hear in shops and on television - for the most part they are upbeat, fun tracks that reflect the traditional Christmas spirit. However, I spend a lot of the Christmas holidays slowing things down, relaxing, and thinking about where I am in life and if there's anything I could improve on. 'Christmas Steps' is one of my favourite songs, and although there isn't a traditional Christmas feel to it, it reflects that introspective, serious mood that I associate with the Christmas holidays.

Three Blind Wolves - 'Christmas Song' (originally by The Raveonettes)

I chose to cover this song by The Raveonettes as it reminds me of the first year my girlfriend and I spent together in Edinburgh, I remember being at the Christmas market, eating pork and kraut and sandwiches with mulled wine overlooking the icy and festive view that is Edinburgh during Christmas. I think it's one of the best new Christmas songs in my opinion see, I'm a big fan of the classic 80s Xmas mix, those songs always remind me of Christmas so I guess I enjoyed covering this one as holds the same standard as the other classic. It has a Motown feel to it too, and Motown is love music which is obviously perfect for Christmas!

Shirock - 'Happy Xmas (War Is Over)' (originally by John Lennon and Yoko Ono)

We chose John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s 'Happy Xmas (War Is Over)' because to us it presents the end of the year and Christmas in a unique light. It's at once an introspective song about the year past and a song challenging a generation to make a change. Similar to 'Imagine - Lennon starts with a question and draws you in. His ability to marry a brilliant melody with meaningful, thought provoking, and often political lyrics is always inspiring for us.

The Jar Family - 'Santa's Sack'

Last year we were doing a radio tour and we ended up getting hijacked on air by one of the presenters, who, without warning, asked us to do a Christmas cover there and then, on live radio. We didn't know anything about this and had nothing prepared so Dali made something up on the spot and it ended up being the track 'Santa's Sack' which is loosely based on the kids story 'When Santa Got Stuck up the Chimney' - and when we say 'loosely', we really mean it!