Bambi Woods, the former ‘Debbie does Dallas’ actress, decided to disappear after one hit film and multiple sequels. No one seems to know where she went and whether she is still alive. It is exactly that fact that fascinates lead singer and writer, Marinus, of Dutch rock band "A Balladeer": When writing their third album he found himself wondering and wondering and so he called their album 'Where are you Bambi Woods?'’. I was lucky enough to catch a show of this new sensation a few nights ago. With as preparation material I expected anything from acoustic guitars to a sweet voice of a seemingly fragile man. Never would I have guessed A Balladeer would make their presence known in the form of Justin Timberlake covers and a bit of rock rap. Shockingly sensational. By the time frontman Marinus came out from behind his hood, surrounded by smoke to cause a mysterious effect, the crowd gathered up front like a tight group. In awe of what was happening on stage, we all stood absolutely silent. 'Loosen up a little! It seems like you need a little more beer', was the bands response to our inability to sing along or even speak. And so together we moved on, from tense to calm. The interaction between band and crowd almost felt like an intense friendship: one where both parties share every aspect of life. Marinus talks us through emergency tapes of American crime scenes and stories of former friends and lovers - one with the instrument, may it be a guitar, piano or birdhouse. And all with the same effect: a dazzling performance of a band everyone should see at least once in a lifetime.