A Bird is the indie pop project of New Jersey's Adam Bird. Bird was previously the frontman for Those Mockingbirds, but upon leaving the group, has headed out on a new musical path. After releasing his first single, 'Polluto,' this summer, A Bird is ready to unleash his second track, 'The Sun And The Moon.'

Featuring a fable-style narrative overtop a bed of poppy synths, 'The Sun And The Moon' highlights the tightness of Bird's production and the catchiness of his instrumentals. Synths are everywhere in pop music, but these are particularly choice. For Bird, the song's thematic content holds special significance.

​​"'​The Sun And The Moon​'​ is a song about being plucked from a place where you are nearly certain that you've lost the ability to feel love at all and placed into a state where your feelings of love and compassion pour out of you like a river from a broken levee," says Bird. "It seems miraculous that it could even happen.​"​

Check out 'The Sun And The Moon' below and keep your eyes open from more from A Bird. Maybe check out his website if you've got the chance.