Here's a new track from nomadic musicmaker, Orfeo. Originally from the USA's East Coast, and having grown up in London, Orfeo's new one 'California Rain' sees the singer-songwriter's falsetto voice call from the West Coast instead, offering up the refraining question "California, how you doing? Is it raining there, just for once?" as he plays a looping melody on an acoustic guitar, accompanying the low buzzing notes and fleeting squeaks of fingers sliding up and down the fretboard with a spot of whistling later on. It's an ode to California, a breezy love note; carefree, but steeped in weltschmerz, both in the barely crooning vocals themselves and lines like, "I got tired of your point of view."

It arrives from Orfeo's imminent album Purple Thursdays, out 9th July on Sports Day Records, which you'll be able to grab from Orfeo's Bandcamp.