On 1st and 2nd of June, RICH MIX London will become a platform for many different forms of expression that promote the incredible diversity of Spanish culture.

"With the thought-provoking theme Challenges, directions and new narratives in Catalan Culture, the weekend will host a live panel debate with an interactive Q & A session with a focus on the contemporary issues related to Catalan culture and identity.

A Catalan Weekend is the first of one of many of planned events, exploring Spanish cultural identity and linguistic diversity, with a focus on Spanish autonomous regions such as Galicia and Basque Country, amongst others."

The programme for the weekend will include a production of Roger Simeon's Absurdist play, 'You & Me', a screening of the documentary, 'Barcelona Socialites', and best of all, a free opening party on Friday 1st June at 20:30. This is not an event to be missed, as there will be fine Catalan food and drink available, along with music from a (you've guessed it) Catalan DJ!

Full programme here