What struck me the most with Feminine Act 2, was your ability to observe both outwardly and inwardly when it came to the songwriting. The lyrics work in conjunction with each other in a thematic sense. When you're writing songs, how much thought goes into the words you're aiming to convey to the listener?

It's a mix of direct intention and improvisation. I consider myself and the listener to be one, and the same. We are all deeply connected. What I aim to convey to the listener, I aim to convey to myself. And vice versa.

I found delving into Feminine Acts 1 and 2 to be such a beautiful experience. It was clear to me that there was this narrative throughout the songs but that they referred to life experiences. I'd imagine you wouldn't want to delve too deep into the theme of the EPs, so that listeners can come to their own conclusions, but I'm curious what do the themes of the EPs mean to you, as the person who wrote them?

The theme of Act I is courage. The theme of Act II is peace.

You're currently based in Brooklyn, but originally from Northern California. How has it been like to be here and explore your creativity? For as many people who do that, who come here and delve into their creativity, there are still loads who imagine what it'd be like.

Wow, good point. I forget that I'm in a beautiful cliché sometimes. I do miss nature, like sprawling, can't see or hear another person type nature. And in direct contrast to what I miss, what I cherish most about Brooklyn is the people. The diversity here allows me to meet and befriend people from all over the world. Two of my siblings live here, many of my closest friends and collaborators live here. On any given day I might have an impromptu photo or video shoot or a recording/writing session.

I often have jam sessions at my apartment with musicians who are visiting from out of town. I live on a loud street, there's a battle of car horns every day and I can hear trucks idling like sub 808's at the red light as I'm falling asleep. This is beneficial to me for two reasons. One, I can play music as loud as I want at all hours of the day and night. Two, the street sounds often intersect with the music I'm making and augment it. I bike almost everywhere.

It's a bit of a heavy question to ask, but since your music evokes so much atmosphere I have to know; what mind-state tends to be ideal for you to write? Does that even exist, or do you find yourself consistently writing in various states of mind?

My creative brain loves motion. I receive many ideas when I'm riding a bike or driving a car, especially driving on the freeway. I think it has to do with theta waves. Also, and this is somewhat inconvenient, I receive many ideas while I'm falling asleep. I have to keep a recorder next to me.

The EP's are such complete bodies of work. You've made albums before with other artists and as part of other projects, but what would you say was a key difference in your experience when it came to conceptualising the Feminine projects?

When I work with other people I am there to supplement their message. With my own work, I am focused solely on what I want to express.

How do you feel your lyrics evolved in Feminine 2, in contrast to Feminine 1?

I feel my lyrics on Act II are less literal, less visceral.

Along with starring in your video for 'Balance In All', you also directed and edited the video. What was that experience like and how did it feel to have such tangible control over your own vision?

I have tangible control over everything I do and have directed many of my videos, beginning with BitchSlut. Balance In All was a small shoot, only myself and my friend Alex Blum in the forest; on the cliffside and the studio shots with Charlie the Snake. We romped through the forest for 9 hours looking for beautiful corners of nature to feature. We were in this beautiful mood, even if something wasn't going the way we envisioned, we went with it and smiled through it. The closing shot of the lace on my face is my favourite and it was an accident of course. It feels 100% right for me to have tangible control over my vision.

Lastly, 2017 is a year that'll have you on the road loads. Performing has become big for you, and I've heard fantastic things about your performances. Has performing live greatly affected how you now approach the way you'd write songs?

Thank you. I love performing live. I love to improvise. I'm sure it has shaped the way I write, but I can't begin to explain how.

You can catch Anna Wise live at the following dates:

5/23 Austin, TX - Antonia*
5/24 Dallas, TX - Trees*
5/30 Seattle, WA - Chop Suey*
5/31 Portland, OR - Star Theater*
6/02 Los Angeles, CA - El Rey*
6/03 San Diego, CA - Belly Up*
6/06 Phoenix, AZ - Valley Bar*
6/08 Salt Lake City, UT - In The Venue*
6/09 Denver, CO - Bluebird Theatre*
6/11 St. Louis, MO - Delmar Hall*
* w/ Lewis Del Mar