Entrepreneur, pop culture enthusiast and fashion lover Bella McFadden has it all.

At the tender age of 21-years-old, she has a following of at least 448,000 followers (from her Twitter, Instagram and Depop), a fully-fledged brand based on herself called "Internet Girl" (which she started from her Tumblr), and a thriving Depop store, where she sells vintage clothing and at times, non-vintage items straight from her closet. Even big names such as Vogue and Marilyn Manson have sung the praises of this smart and savvy fashionista whom you once saw in a Snapchat movie.

We chat about sourcing vintage clothing, how Depop saved her life, and why her mother is her role model.

Mountain View

Initially, you were known as an actress in a Snapchat movie, then you became an entrepreneur. What made you change your career direction?

That's so funny you say that, I wouldn't call Mudditchgirl my claim to fame! I've actually been buying and selling vintage since I was 17! I started my first brand when I was in senior year of high school, but I didn't start taking my business seriously 'til I began full time on Depop! My career direction changed when I dropped out of university. I was initially just taking a semester off for mental health reasons, and started using Depop in my spare time, then it stuck! Sounds sappy, but Depop helped get my life back on track.

Unlike most e-tailer entrepreneurs who started off on eBay, you launched your store on Depop. How did you discover it and why have you decided to have a store on Depop as opposed to eBay?

So, Depop initially contacted me and offered me a VIP account to sell on their platform, and I had zero complaints. I love how Depop is a combination of social media and a selling platform - it makes the selling experience interactive and unique.

You have a killer sense of style! How did you develop your signature goth-meets-babydoll style?

I've always dressed out of the ordinary ever since I was a little girl. I like to play around with tons of sub-cultures when I dress up like goth, punk, and lolita. I love becoming new characters and changing my identity on the daily. Life would be so boring being the same every day.

I've noticed that you are based in Canada, but you travel frequently to Arizona, where you also source deadstock and pre-worn vintage clothing. What's it like for you to source vintage in Arizona compared to say, LA and NYC?

I travel to Phoenix a lot because my boyfriend has an apartment there. I actually love thrifting in Arizona in comparison to where I live in Canada because it's a huge juxtaposition. Arizona is full of lots of 'lil raunchy summer clothes and mom jeans, while Canada has a dreamy amount of faux furs and velvet maxi gowns.

On each post, I see that you have extremely detailed listings that reference pop culture, the date of the item and the history of the manufacturer. How long does it take to make one post on Depop?

Thank you for noticing! I take pride in my captions and have plenty of fun writing them. It's actually a fairly quick process for me to write them. I use a lot of lingo that I would say on a daily basis. The captions come naturally to me.

Considering that the majority of the clothes and accessories are from the '90s and '00s, there isn't much history around them. How do you manage to work around limited information?

I like to be specific with my descriptions; provide the brand, exact sizing, etc, so my customers have no complaints or surprises.

So many young 20-something entrepreneurs don't work with their parents; however, you are one of the few that work with your mother. What have you learned from working with her?

My mom is the biggest role model in my life. She is extremely independent and has been the main breadwinner in my family since forever. She works in interior design, so she understands the creative field that I'm in, and has been consistently supportive. She helped me set up my office, but my team and I do the rest! Right now my team is very small consisting of just myself, my boyfriend and my assistant!

You have a such a strong online presence that the amount of followers you have are quite astronomical. How do you see yourself among your followers? Do you believe in internet fame?

Yes, my following definitely helps motivate my creations, I would not have the success I have today without their support.

2016 has been quite the breakout year for you! Now that you will fully establish your name in 2017, where do you see yourself and are there any plans to have a store outside of Depop?

I have so many plans, I'm literally bursting with ideas 24/7! Ask my boyfriend. We definitely will be manufacturing in 2017, and we have a website in the works, stay tuned.

You can find out more about Bella and her work by heading here.