Greentea Peng is many things. One only need listen to a bit of her new EP, Sensi, or check her default picture on Google, to see she rather fancies a good puff of weed, but her enjoyment of the greener things in life belies the deep reservoir of feeling present in her music.

The 405 caught up with the laid back singer just as she prepares for her final show of 2018, A Better Feeling, tomorrow, November 17th. (If the hint isn't clear enough: it's not too late to catch some auditory bliss.)

Read on for a low stakes chat on her music, that leafy green, and rather a bit more.

Sure you’ve been asked this a bunch of times, but for folk who will be joining us with the release of the EP, where does your name come from?

The name is quite silly really to be honest, it’s almost something quite personal and just a funny thing to me. I once found a Green tea in Peru with the best packaging that caught my attention, it was called green tea seng, i was high and like this green teas peng. And it kinda just went from there, it stuck and i started using it for things and writing it on things. Its cool cause it suits me like my favourite colour is green, i love trees and trees are green, i say peng too many times in a day it all just makes sense for me ya know what I mean.

I believe you’re from London, yeah? How has/does the city influence your music and sound?

I was born in London and was here until i turned around 12 or something then i did a big part of my growing up in Hastings this seaside town on the coast. I moved back to london when i was 17, both places have influenced me in different ways. The grit and kind of moodiness/ hostility that is sometimes London combined with the freedom, tweakers and highs that you find in hastings have all kind of helped to warp my perception of reality, which obviously affects my music from the writing to how I like it to sound. I think its hard to explain how a place has exactly influenced you but i think all places and all spaces that we are in, in life at anytime, affect you and influence you in some sort of way, whether that’s the intention or not.

Jumping off that, what artists have most influenced you?

SO many different artists from different genres have influenced me through certain stages of my life so it’s kind of hard to say, but i’ve been listening to Lauryn hill from young, Finley Quaye, Fugees. Also people like Ms Dynamite and Lilly allen, Arctic monkeys The Clash, who knows really it all must be unconscious cause I’ve never consciously thought about it.

Can you recall your 1st deep connection with music?

I can’t really remember, I’ve always just loved and listened to a lot of music. I do know I was super frightened of Prodigy's 'Fire Starter', I used to scream when it came on the radio.

Was being a musician something you'd always seen for yourself? /When did that become the dream?

I always wanted to be a singer as a kid but you kind of just grow away from your dreams don’t you, come out of alignment I’m just lucky I found it again.

Did you tend to spend a lot of time on the songs from Sensi, or did they come together quickly?

I think a lot of the ideas cane quick but over the year I developed the tunes out and made changes you know. When you have so much time to listen to the songs before anything happens with them you have a lot of time for nit picking you know.

Where did the title Sensi come from?

From the word Sensimilla, also the EP is super sensitive so it ties in, Sensitive Sensimilla, i was very high and extremely sensitive whilst making the music on this EP.

What inspired the, shall I say, rustic artwork? It’s great!

I’ve got someone very dear to me on the artwork, he understands me as a person and the feel of the music so he kind of has that on lock, he knows i like things simple and low fi, in life generally to be honest, so he has the artwork down.

Obviously your vibe and, if I may, mindstate are quite influenced by weed, yet despite what people might expect from “marijuana music”, I find your tunes more delving into the denser aspect of a high, deep colors and vibes rather than, say, a Snoop vibe - is that a conscious effort, or just how the music/high speaks to you?

I think i’m just me and Snoop is Snoop and a lot of people smoke weed and make all different types of music with different types of meanings at different times. You know what I mean lol like i dont know what classess as marijuana music, i would say SENSI is a super stoned project but i don’t think all my music is. Also there’s no conscious effort really in music i don’t think, it’s kind of free flowing or i feel like its best when it is, there’s intention but no planning really. Its expression, sometimes it’s deep and sometimes it aint but I would say none of it is really surface level. If i’ve picked up the pen it’s all coming out i try not to sensor it or change it to be more digestible it kinda comes out how it is no filter and i try mould it just a lil into a nice shape so its easier on the ears. I cant write about nothing either, it’s kind of annoying like ive got to 100% feel it for real to be able to write a song about it. I dunno if that’s a good thing, it doesn’t say too much for my writing or imaginary skills does it.

I have to ask, was ‘Loving Kind’ intentionally designed to run at 4:20? I kind of hope so.

Nah you know i don’t think it was. They should of all stopped at 4:20.

What’s your relationship with not smoking like? ‘Medicine’ inspired this question, naturally.

Weed helps me slow down a bit, calms my thoughts eases my agitation and helps me maintain this hazy sort of bubble i’ve created for myself where i feel nice and have a healthy sort of detachment from reality and my surroundings. But meditation does that too i sometimes i wish i could switch habits and be on my meditating as much as i’m on the smoking, But yh not smoking is hard for me I can’t lie I prefer life high.

Do you have a favorite strain?

I want my own Greentea Peng strain, and that will be my favourite!

Would you want to shout out any other new/rising artists in your scene?

Bruv there’s so many people doing sick bits right now. I dunno what my scene is to be honest, I wouldn’t say I’m necessarily part of one, just think my generations rising up innit there’s a new wave!

Is ‘Mind’ speaking to someone else or yourself? Is there any particular moment that inspired it? One of my favorites on the EP~

Glad you like it thank you, i slyly thought that track was gonna get slept on, there was so much time between all the songs being made and released that i had so much time to over listen and scrutinize each track and i thought no one would get mind, also im proper opening up in that song so it was a lot i was kinda para about it but i know that’s my ego. That song is kind of written to myself but also about a situation. you know like a kind of realization of just feeling mad and accepting that’s just how im feeling now, and all i can do is write about it, and i had to admit to myself in the song like of certain ways i was acting, through ego also, to try and make my self feel better by avoiding dealing with the confusion. I think as humans we try fill voids a lot rather than delving into them and seeing wah gwarn, a lot of the time subconsciously we tryna heal ourselves using another person and that won’t work all you’re doing is draining energy from that person you know. That song is a kind of note to self, almost like a conclusion. Admitting something to myself.

Do you have a favorite album for 2018? What made you connect with it?

You know what I been so focused on developing my own stuff I haven’t really been listening to new music this year. There’s old new music I’ve discovered, this album called Lost Somali tapes it’s mad beautiful. I think I tend to listen to old music more than new not on purpose just works out that way.

Is there a type of song/genre you'd enjoy trying on for size that's totally outside of what you do?

Id love to make try a mad reggae or dub project you know. Some heavy heavy bass lines. Or maybe some mad trip hop, I’m literally right at the beginning so I’m still 100% exploring sounds, I’m sure my music in a years time is gonna sound mad different to Sensi.

So, what’s next for you? What are you most looking forward to?

Life man, everything’s bless, i’m looking forward to new music, and getting better learning more, writing more, creating more and carnival but that’s a year away.

And, of course, are you already recording new music? I’ll look forward to that album some day!

Haha yh the word album keeps popping up and that’s a mad concept to me right now but definitely new music to come soon.

If getting lost in a deep, meaningful haze is sounding nice right about now, and you're lucky enough to be around London, be sure to head over to Foyles Bookshop tomorrow, the 17th! Tickets here.