8:30am - Rise and shine 🌞

A day in the life of Emily BurnsEven though most of my writing sessions start at around 11/12, I love to wake up early and give myself plenty of time to prepare for the day ahead - both physically and mentally. Yes, I do snooze my alarm once, maybe twice, after this.

9am - Breakfast + object writing (and coffee of course) ☕️

A day in the life of Emily BurnsWhen I have a day in the studio ahead, it’s so important for me to eat a filling breakfast. I’ll usually start my day with a bowl of Weetabix and some kind of fruit. Or, peanut butter on toast if I’m feeling adventurous.

I’ve recently started a new practice called “object writing” where I pick an object at the start of the day and give myself *exactly* ten minutes to write freely about that object. It really engages my brain into a creative place in the mornings, and sometimes I’ll actually write something really cool that inspires me for the day ahead.

9:30am - Fix up, look sharp-ish 👟

A day in the life of Emily BurnsI’m not the kind of girl to get fully dressed up every day, I bow down to you if you are! I like to be really comfortable in sessions, so I’ll usually throw on a pair of trousers, a baggy jumper/t-shirt and a pair of white, white trainers. This is probably what I own the most of… every time they aren’t quite as white as I’d like them to be, I’ll buy more… it’s my one self-indulgence!

10am - Venture into London 🚇

A day in the life of Emily BurnsNo matter where in London my session is, I try and allow myself an hour to travel to it ‘cause, y’know… London.

11am - Circle time… 👬👫👭

A day in the life of Emily BurnsIf I’m working with people I’ve never met before, we usually spend the first hour (at least) drinking coffee and getting to know one another. It can be a really strange experience going into a room to write a song with people you don’t know. So it’s nice to spend some time learning about them before you have to pour your heart out on a page. Once that initial sharing period is over though, try stopping me, I probably share a little too much information actually.

12pm - Brainstorming 💭

A day in the life of Emily BurnsI usually arrive at a writing session with a concept already in mind - an idea, as a basis that we can build from. The most fun part of any session for me is developing that concept and brainstorming interesting ways of expressing it.

2/3pm - Break time 🥑

A day in the life of Emily BurnsI find it really important to have a break in the middle of a session, have some food, re-charge and head into the afternoon energised. It’s never fun when everyone is sat around, stomachs rumbling and feeling hangry - no good song will come out of hanger. Something centred around avocado tends to be my go-to. An avocado a day keeps the doctor away, that’s it right?

(Undetermined time) - Listening session 👂

A day in the life of Emily BurnsIt’s impossible to say a definite time that a session will finish. Sometimes it’s going fantastically and we’ll write a song in an hour and have it recorded and finished by the early afternoon. Other times, we might call it a day at 5pm after a tragic few hours of forcing lyrics into melodies that just don’t fit! It’s a hit and miss process. However, at the end of every session, we’ll listen to what we have done and either everyone will give each other pats on the back or, we’ll set a date to come in with a fresh mind and try again another time.

8pm - Drinks and unwind 🍻🍷

A day in the life of Emily BurnsI love meeting up with my friends in the evenings for a drink and a catch-up. As well as just being fun, I actually find this to be a huge inspiration for my writing. If there’s not something happening in my personal life that I want to write about, I’ll often take experiences from friends and write about that instead!

11pm - Sleeeeeeep 😴

A day in the life of Emily BurnsBefore bed I’ll always try to read/watch something that will completely take my mind out of real life for a while. I find it very therapeutic to step out of reality and get my head wrapped into something fictional… that way I can go to sleep, dream sweet dreams and wake up fresh for another day of creativity!


Emily Burns' mini-album Seven Scenes from The Same Summer is out this July via 37 Adventures. Check out 'Girlfriend At The Time' below.