They may not have the most upbeat of names, but can share some happy news. The ethereal rock duo A Dead Forest Index have shared a taster of their forthcoming debut album, In All That Drifts from the Summit Down, and signed to Sargent House. Whilst their first single may be called 'No Paths', they might actually be headed down a good one.

Washed with woozy melancholy 'No Paths' paints a deeply atmospheric soundscape with delicate brush strokes of a steady, almost psych-folk rhythm. Minimalist acoustic chords only complement intimate vocals, slightly bruised but airy reassuring. They could be whispered into the wind, and get tangled in crooked tree branches.

A band of brothers, Adam and Sam Sherry said: "'No Paths' is a song that's constantly pushing forward, brushing of sadness and into a sense of understanding." It's a fragile piece that orchestrates balance between warm melodies and an icy, guarded exterior. Teetering with elegance, the track evokes emotion with brooding lyricism and goose bump rising echoes. There's every feeling that there's even deeper heart to delve into across all thirteen tracks of In All That Drifts from the Summit Down.

The duo reveal that their full-length is very much a testimony to the divinity of nature and the bitter reality of passing time. The album imagines natural phenomena as poetic metaphor of the human condition. Images of stone, brisk air and erosion are personified in wide soundscapes of unpredictability. The release follows EPs Antiques and Cast of Lines.

London based, but New Zealand hailing, A Dead Forest Index's signature to Sargent House feels at home. They join the roster of anthemic indie rock duo All Tvvins and fiery And So I Watch You From Afar. A label that celebrates experimentation and sonic merger of typical genre, Sargent House signings tend to stem from their ever expanding family with a strict no submissions policy.

A Dead Forest Index's debut album In All That Drifts From Summit Down is set for release 29th April on Sargent House.