After more than 100 shows together in 2017 alone, one might expect that the members of the Brooklyn-based band A Deer A Horse might be ready for a break. Think again. The group is preparing to head out on a lengthy U.S. tour after SXSW, but before they do that, they've got a searing new track, 'Cold Shoulder,' which serves as a blistering indictment of the American education system.

A Deer A Horse traverses a narrow line between aggressive, fierce punk and earworm pop, not unlike a band like Metz. The thundering drums of Dylan Teggart and Angela Phillips' syrupy bass make you want to pound your chest, while the screeching guitars of Rebecca Satellite give 'Cold Shoulder' its deliciously sharp edges. But ultimately it is the song's message -- one of one resentment toward the oppressive nature of American capitalism -- that makes it so damn compelling.

"'Cold Shoulder' is about anxiety, particularly the anxiety we feel in a capitalist society that keeps us in a cycle of debt and fear: fear of failure, fear of financial ruin, fear of instability," explains the band. "You find yourself unable to pursue the things you love, spending your time keeping up with the daily grind and adhering to the milestones society has set out for you.

"The song speaks particularly to the cycle of debt in the American education system," they continue. "Having fulfilled the expectation of obtaining a higher education, many of us are left with a lifetime of debt that keeps us from actually pursuing the things we set out to do. 'A backhand in the right hand' is every structure set up to misguide you into following a path that leads you further and further from true fulfillment."

You can stream A Deer A Horse's 'Cold Shoulder' below, order a cassette version of the track here from the Brooklyn label GP Stripes and, if you can, be sure to check out them out on their lengthy U.S. tour.

  • 16 March - Liberty (SXSW); Austin, TX
  • 17 March - Highland House (SXSW); Austin, TX
  • 18 March - Mustard Zone; Denton, TX
  • 20 March - Goldenlight Cinema; Amarillo, TX
  • 21 March - GHOST; Santa Fe, NM
  • 22 March - Big House; Flagstaff, AZ
  • 23 March - Velveteen Rabbit; Las Vegas, NV
  • 24 March - Topspace; Los Angeles, CA
  • 26 March - The Dildo Factory; Berkeley, CA
  • 28 March - Old Nick's Pub; Eugene, OR
  • 29 March - Black Water; Portland, OR
  • 30 March - The Black Lodge; Seattle, WA
  • 31 March - The District Coffee House; Boise, ID
  • 1 April - Beehive Sports and Social Club; Salt Lake City, UT
  • 2 April - Mutual Friends; Grand Junction, CO
  • 3 April - The Hi-Dive; Denver, CO
  • 5 April - Replay Lounge; Lawrence, KS
  • 6 April - FOAM; St. Louis, MO
  • 7 April - Coles; Chicago, IL
  • 8 April - The Empty Bottle; Chicago, IL
  • 9 April - TBA; Fort Wayne, IN
  • 10 April - Shakespeare's; Kalamazoo, MI
  • 11 April - PJ's Lager House; Detroit, MI
  • 12 April - Now That's Class; Cleveland, OH
  • 13 April - Rosen Krown; Rochester, NY
  • 14 April - The Orange Peel; Albany, NY
  • 20 April - Alphaville; Brooklyn, NY