It was recently announced that Kendrick Lamar was up for eleven Grammy Awards, which is great news. What's not-so-great news, however, is a million-dollar lawsuit turning up at your door.

According to TMZ, the lawsuit arrives courtesy of Whitney Larkins, who purchased a $350 VIP meet-and-greet ticket for one of Kendrick's shows. Larkins then emailed Kendrick's manager Dave Free asking for "one-on-one time" - admittedly it's a big request, but the rapper has been known to take people backstage for chats; namely there was the time he met a fan whose life he saved. But to request a one-on-one meeting with Kendrick seems a bit out-there.

Free thought so, too, and emailed back saying that he could make it happen for "a cash payment of $10,000." Larkin then replied requesting more information, and was soon met with a response telling her she'd been banned from the show and that her $350 would be refunded. Ouch.

Larkin however asserts that Kendrick himself is not the target - she calls him "one of the greatest rappers alive of all time who is on par with Tupac." It's manager Dave Free with whom she has a problem: an "arrogant, snotty and an all-around bad dude from the rooter to the tooter!" according to the fan, who left her with "deep sadness." And everyone knows the cure for sadness so deep is just over a million dollars.