When it comes to Lil Peep, real name Gustav Àhr, I found out about him on KTT (Kanye To The). It's a forum where you can talk about music, sports, television, pretty much anything, but for me, the focal point is finding out new artists to listen to and jumping into interesting threads. Earlier this year, I checked one out about Lil Peep. After diving in and learning about the artist from fans who were posting in the thread, I checked out the music video for 'Witchblades' featuring Lil Tracy that had just come out.

What made me an instant fan of Lil Peep was how much he reminded me of my childhood when I listened to bands like Good Charlotte and My Chemical Romance; when bands such as Linkin Park and Fall Out Boy were dominant. It wasn't this rap, hip-hop world we're living in now.

This past year, Pigeons and Planes reported that rap and hip-hop became the most played genre, besting rock for the time in history, officially showing the changing of the guard in music today. And when it came to Lil Peep, who was only a year younger than me and subsequently grew up in the same era, it's evident his love of rock/emo is just as strong as his love for hip-hop/rap.

In an interview with Pitchfork back in January, Lil Peep didn't want to classify his music as such, but he understood the impact of what he was starting to do by bringing the worlds of emo and hip-hop together. "I wouldn’t call [my music] the new emo necessarily," claimed Lil Peep. "It’s just another wave of it, it’s a subgenre. I don’t think it replaces it or is even mimicking it. It’s a whole new thing, and it’s good for the emo genre as a whole and all the fans and all the people who ever liked it, because it’s going to keep it relevant." And this new wave Lil Peep was talking about, this new emo-rap wave and the reason why Lil Peep was at the forefront, is in the music that he made.

In his music he addressed his own depression, drug use, life and death. These topics are common in emo music and a Peep song like 'The Way I See Things', where he says, "I got a feeling I'm not gonna be here next year" or in another song like 'The Song They Played (When I Crashed Into The Wall)' that goes, "I don't wanna die alone right now, but I admit I do sometimes", really showcases that. Lil Peep was really on the verge of doing something special, but sadly, now when we look back at these lyrics, it's heartbreaking to read.

There are countless examples in all genres where art imitates life in the most tragic way. There's Linkin Park having a song called 'Leave Out All The Rest', where lead singer Chester Bennington sings, "When my time comes, forget the wrong that I've done, help me leave behind some reasons to be missed and don't resonate me, and when you're feeling empty, keep me in your memory." Sadly, Bennington died by suicide this year. In rap, there's The Notorious B.I.G, real name Christopher Wallace, having his debut album called, Ready to Die. He sadly didn't live to see the release of his sophomore album, Life After Death. Even though we see and hear artists openly talk about death, depression, rap or sing about drug use, it still comes as a shock when they die prematurely.

On November 15, I was on Kanye To The casually reading threads and suddenly there was a post about Lil Peep allegedly suffering an overdose prior to going on stage to perform at the Rock venue at Tuscon, Arizona for his Come Over When You're Sober Tour. When I entered the thread, I genuinely believed that Lil Peep was going to be fine. The reports of the overdose weren't from strong sources, but slowly, but surely, those sources started to get more serious.

Earlier in the day, Billboard reported that the rock music festival, The Warped Tour would be coming to an end. For those who don't know, The Warped Tour was a massive rock festival and the largest travelling music festival in the US. It had given bands like My Chemical Romance attention when they weren't known. For it to be over, adding to rap, hip-hop overtaking rock as the most played genre, it's yet another blow that rock and emo music is falling behind, but for an artist like Lil Peep, as a new generational artist, who was blending the most popular genre right now in hip-hop and rap with the ever-fading emo genre, he was giving hope that emo music was being pushed back into the mainstream. Sadly, throughout the evening, my worst fears become reality. The fact that Lil Peep passed away on the same day that The Warped Tour announced its end, truly makes this a terrible tragedy.

Lil Peep, real name Gustav Àhr, was just 21 years old.